Another Strong Fossil Creek Bull Sale - June 16th 2016

Our 16th Annual Bull sale was well supported with robust genetics that are proven performers throughout the country and abroad well sought after. The full and active buying gallery was a reflection of the strong positivity within our beef industry, and the passion that beef breeders have for continued genetic gains and all-round higher performance expectations. To do this, we acknowledge that your breeding herd needs to have the ability to perform in some of the toughest climatic conditions that New Zealand has to offer - and our role at Fossil Creek is to ensure that this is indeed the case when a Fossil Creek Bull arrives at your farm.

Fossil Creek 'Hero' bloodlines continue to be in strong demand with a son of FC Hero H6 purchased for $19,000, coupled with strong bidding for well rounded genetic performers.

The best testing ground for our genetics is out in the tough tussock country and snowlines of the ranges - we relish any feedback from our clients and their sucesses in calving percentages, demand for their herd progeny and results in premium beef programmes such as SFF Beef EQ and Angus Pure. 




See a video of the Fossil Creek Stud Cow herd

 at 600 metres above sea level during the recent snow  



Our goal is to continually breed for balanced multiple trait selection tools which will produce the optimum performance in the Angus cattle, satisfying the demands of our clients, the majority of whom farm the harsh New Zealand hill country. Our breeding herd is run at 600 metres above sea level on the Kakanui Range - 15 kms from our bull sale venue. They are calved in tussock blocks and guaranteed to be well challenged in snow, wind, drought and social pressure.

Attributes such as longevity, structural correctness and temperament are actively pursued to achieve the goals of economic efficiency. This will ultimately reward those who have invested in Fossil Creek genetics both in New Zealand and around the world.Our main market is selling rising 2 year bulls to commercial cattlemen, most of whom farm in the steep hills of the Central South Island. We also provide females, embryos and other Angus Genetics for purebred clientele within New Zealand. Fossil Creek Angus genetics can be found in many countries through regular exports of embryos from the herd.


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Fossil Creek Hero H6. Highest price New Zealand Angus bull in 2014.

The 2014 bull sale season was dominated by the eagerly awaited appearanced of sons of the Multitrait sire, Spickler Chisum. Fossil Creek hero H6 was subject to very spirited bidding at the on farm sale eventually being knocked down to Tangihau Angus Stud from Gisborne. Hero had an exceptional pedigree along with a very strong and powerful female data package. A great phenotype completed the package and the bull which had seen stud duties at Fossil Creek Angus went on to perform well for his new owners.

Hero’s EBV set continues to strenghten and he now sits with an even better data set which suggests a unique individual.